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The Rule of Five and my recent “Perfect” Investments

A wise man taught me The Rule of Five.

Each morning, list, in order, the five most important things you need to accomplish that day.

Start with the hardest.

By the the time you’ve done the top three, you’re feeling pretty good.

My old job of publishing magazines, books and trade conventions had daily deadlines. They controlled my life and put me on a high every day.

These days I spend my life In Search of the Perfect Investment.

That’s the world’s most frustrating job — because mostly I don’t find anything.

Lately, I’ve bought some:

+ CCI Crown Castle (because of 5G and the need for zillions more cell phone antenna/towers.) Crown Castle is like the cloud of the real estate business. You don’t need to build more to get more tenants, and hence more revenue.

+ Texas Pacific Land Trust (TPL) because of vast land holdings and the huge monies it makes from oil.

+ Microsoft (actually I’ve held that one for a while). But all the news on Microsoft in the technology trade press is increasingly positive.

+ IAC Interactive. it owns everything.

+ Shopify. (Shop) because everybody needs a shop on the web to sell their stuff.

+ Roku. Benefiting from streaming video, etc. It’s surprising to me how well they’re doing.

+ And I bought more LADR this morning which keeps rising and still pays more than 7% dividend yield.

Among my more interesting finds is a company called CrowdStreet.

Go there. Poke around. Let me know what you think. It’s beautiful software. I got turned onto CrowdStreet by one of their investors who’s happy with his investments and is planning more. I listed to their one hour webinar this past Wednesday and was impressed. I haven’t given them any money. Let me know what you think. It’s here.

The Flu

The Flu drains your energy. Tomorrow will be two weeks. I’m 90% better.

+ Yesterday I got a shot of B12:

+  Dr Jerry Clements also put me on a stronger antibiotic — something called Clarithromycin 500 mg tablets. I’ve taken two and already feel better.

+ For the rest of us, you need a flu short now. Maybe it will help. Maybe it won’t. Mine apparently didn’t. But you don’t want to go through what I’m still going through.

+ In your first two days of sickness, take Tamiflu. It may work.

+ A reader recommends Tylenol Cold + Flu Severe.

+ I took a five day antibiotic Zpak — Azithromycin. It works for bacteria. Maybe I had that? But, after checking me out yesterday, Dr. Clements game the stronger stuff — Clarithromycin.

+ I tried Mucinex for my cough. The New York Times says most over the counter cough medicines are useless. Chicken soup and hot lemon tea work well.

+ I’ve drunk more water and more orange juice than I ever want to see.

It’s been 12 days. I’m 90% recovered. Stay away from anyone coughing. Keep washing your hands.

If you get it, try patience and rest. Which gives boredom a whole new meaning.

Phishing is the way they rip you off

You’ve won a million dollars. Our records need fixing. Your American Express card is about to die….

This is called phishing — as in fishing for your bank and identity information.

It’s remarkably effective. Here’s a fraudulent phishing email I just got from “American Express.”

Here’s one I got today:

Clever wording. Does it pass The Smell Test? Nup!!!!

Pfishing is more dangerous to your online health than any other event — including hacking of huge retailer and credit card company databases.

Be warned. Be wary.

The Cloud

The Cloud is not my favorite backup tool. But it’s clearly the way Microsoft with Office 365 is going and it works most of the time. My friend just wasted three days of his life because his Microsoft Surface Pro’s screen went black one morning. The machine died. No one knew why. They sold him a replacement, loaded up Office 365, copied his files back from the cloud, installed Adobe Acrobat Reader and he was back in business — after a harrowng three days.

Personally I have two identical machines running Windows 7 and one running Windows 10. I back up my files to a $100 thumb drive — click here and then move them to the machines.

I don’t like password managers either. The tech press says they have flaws. I prefer my own made-up passwords which I keep in a file and which Google Chrome (the browser) does a perfectly fine job of managing.

Why do I think these are so stupid?

Favorite New Yorker cartoons

Harry Newton, who has been reading this wonderful book.

It’ll make you feel great. Here’s a quote from the book.

“The innovations in the pipeline are not just a list of cool ideas. They fall out of an overarching historical development that has been called the New Renaissance and the Second Machine Age. 20 Whereas the First Machine Age that emerged out of the Industrial Revolution was driven by energy, the second is driven by the other anti-entropic resource, information. Its revolutionary promise comes from the supercharged use of information to guide every other technology, and from exponential improvement in the technologies of information themselves, like computer power and genomics.”

There are millions of others. It’s a cool book. Easier to read it on Kindle where its only $14 and you can make the type bigger. Click here. 

A reader, Eddie Buckley, emailed me just now:

It has been several days since you have posted.

The market is up during your absence.

Just a coincidence I’m sure.

I trust that you are OK and hope that we hear from you soon.