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Waging war everywhere. Time for some “defense” stocks

The big diversification

For diversification (away from tech) own defense stocks, e.g. Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman.

Trump’s 2019 budget is boosting military spending 13 percent over what President Obama proposed in his 2017 budget. Defense budget will be $716 billion in 2019.

The U.S. is waging war in more than half a dozen countries simultaneously. The U.S. maintains roughly 800 military bases in no fewer than 70 countries scattered across the globe, including Australia.

All this doesn’t include the cost of Trump’s military parade in Washington.

The best of Internet TV

Guest movie editor Dan Good highlights his three favorites:

+ Lilyhammer. 3 seasons on Netflix – Black comedy of mafia boss who turns states evidence against the mob in return for witness protection in Lillehammer, Norway. (not Hollywood renaming of the town)

+ Bosch. 3 seasons (fourth to begin in April) on Amazon Prime – LA detective solving difficult crimes at person risk

+ Longmire. 3 seasons on Netflix-Modern day sheriff in Sheridan, WY who deals will mafia types who move to Sheridan to corrupt the town.

Dan says all can be binge watched. He’s got good taste. Watch and enjoy his recommendations.

The value of a second opinion

New Rule: No one should commit to anything without a second opinion.

The second opinion usually comes in 25% cheaper on all sorts of things I’ve bought recently, including a central AC system. I don’t know why. The way of the world.

If you can’t get a second opinion, at least speak to them on the phone. Ask about rewards programs, discounts for signing up to a credit card, etc.

Useful Stuff

+ Don’t take Uber from Kennedy Airport. Their drivers will never find you.

+ Reading Wikipedia biographies of CEOs of companies you’re interested in is a really good idea.

+ GoGoInflight is awful. Total waste of time.

+ Eating is bad for you. Always eat half what they give you. Skip the bread. Skip the desert. You can live on one appetizer. Fill yourself with water. You’ll feel better.

+ The three best clothing and shoe vendors: LLBean, Uniqlo and Skechers for comfie shoes with no laces (old people’s shoes).

This is Joey yesterday. He shines shoes and sells loosies.


Loosies are single cigarettes. He sells one for $1. He buys them for $6 a pack of 20. His excellent shoeshines cost $5, plus a $2 tip. Anyone passing by with leather shoes or boots will hear him say “You could do better” and other sales pitches. It works. He clearly makes a handsome living and enjoys every minute of it. Next time you’re at Sixth and 47th, drop by and tell him Harry’s $7 shine is still looking good.

Please watch this video (third request)


This is the best presentation you’ll ever see. This is my third time pushing it in this blog. I’ve watched it three times already. This presentation will affect your life and investment plans more than anything you’ve ever seen or thought about. Click here.

Walmart is going nowhere

Its future lies online. Yet and, which it bought, are abysmal.

Years later, they are still abysmal. Have Walmart execs ever been to, or God Forbid, bought anything from Amazon.

This is not California. A true story.

We’re landing in Palm Springs. Outside it’s desert and mountains.

The cute four year old girl in the window seat ahead of me screams: “Daddy. This is not California.”

Daddy, “Why is this not California?”

She looks and answers, “There are no pools.”

Three minutes goes by, and she screams again, “This is not California.”

Daddy, “Why is this not California?”

She looks and answers, “There are no hotels.”

Harry Newton, who is celebrating the first day of Spring. It’s 70 degrees in New York in February. Go figure.