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One month, so far, The Trump Boom. More on hearing aids

It’s been one month. This is what the Trump Boom looks like:

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Not all has shined. Gold has bombed.


And some technology stocks that got into a barney with Donald (like Apple and Amazon) haven’t boomed:


No one has any idea if this will last — though the pundits weigh in every day on BubbleVision.

Good news: this “Trump Boom” is attracting money from the “sidelines.”

And the man is great at attracting media attention to make the stock market (or something) great again.

My friends are eyeing “hot” stocks like AMD, BRKA, CENT, FNMA, HD, PTC, SRDL, SQ, and UNH.

Having some cash is a good idea. If this turns, there may be some nice bargains. Meantime, stay in and watch closely.

Look what reader Lucky just found:


I went there and found some fine cameras at 25% off. Click here. 

Apple’s brilliant iPhone battery case

Remember Mophie, the maker of extra battery cases? Apple’s just made a much better Mophie.


You get talk time to 25 hours or 18 hours of Internet on LTE. It’s better than my Mophie in three ways:

+ It’s always charging my phone. You don’t need to turn the battery on, as you do with the Mophie. Much more convenient.

+ You charge it with a normal Apple lightning jack — the one that came with your phone. In contrast, the Mophie needs a mini-micro jack.

+ You can directly plug your normal headphone in. You don’t need a special (stupid) tiny extension cord which Mophie provides and which you lose.

Apple case is $99. Everyone should have one. Click here.

What I learned about hearings aids (so far)

No one knows which one is “best.”

The “best” is the one that works for you. Which means you really got to want to use them. It’s a “head” thing.

Hearing aids will never make you hear well — just louder. Amazon has one for $57.50, which has good user reviews.


To buy this $57.50 one,click here. I haven’t tried it yet. Amazon says it’s a “best seller.”

My ear doctor has a pair for $5,000. He likes them.

Costco will test your ears, recommend a pair, let you use them and allegedly give you all your money back if you don’t like them. Many readers are happy with Costco.

New hearing aids have features — Bluetooth for answering and speaking on your cell phone, listening to music, iPhone software for self-adjusting the reception and sensitivity of your hearing aids, etc.

It can take two months to get used to hearing aids. Get your ear wax out before you try them. You need to be more patient than I am.

The best “hearing aids” are the Sennheiser wireless headphones, which make watching TV a real pleasure.


They cost $54. It have one attached to every TV set I own. Click here.

What it means to be Jewish

An elderly Jewish man is sitting on a park bench reading El Jazeera’s anti-Jewish, anti-Israel newspaper. His best friend walks by, sees the paper, and stops in shock. “What are you doing reading that paper? You should be reading the Maccabean!”

The elderly man replies, “The Maccabean has stories about intermarriage, anti-Semitism, problems in Israel … all kinds of troubles for the Jewish people. I like to read good news. El Jazeera’s says… The Jews have all the money … the Jews control the press … the Jews control the banks … the Jews control Hollywood.

“At my age it’s better to read good news!”

Irony in photos





Harry Newton, who is indulging himself with the most gorgeous picture of granddaughter Sophie with her climate-friendly technology. She’s cute and she does not take after me.